Endo Guru Pack

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The Endo Guru Pack includes 18 Ultrasonics Tips for maximum flexibility with 20 procedures including Pulp Chamber, Middle Third, Activation, Post Removal, Apical Surgery and Retreatment procedures.

 Compatibility & Thread Options

Tips included:

P1 Surgical Std
P1M Surgical Long
P1C Surgical Custom
E2D Conical Diamond
E3D Ball Diamond
E6D Pear Diamond
E7D Access Diamond
E10 Cut & Condense
E4D Long Diamond
E5 Conical Long
E18 Isthmus
E18D Isthmus Diamond
E8 Scouter
E9 Post Removal
E12 Post Removal HP
E1 Irrisonic
R1 Clearsonic
R2 Flatsonic